How to book your hotel room at Stirling Court Hotel or Willow Court?

The online bookings system has been set up with the agreed accommodation rates and you are now able to make bookings for

  • Stirling Court Hotel (Bed and breakfast – £79.00 per room, per night (single occupancy) or £84.00 per room, per night (double occupancy), or
  • an en-suite room in Willow Court student accommodation (Bed and breakfast– £47.25 per room, per night (single occupancy)).

All bookings should be made directly on the Stirling Court Hotel website for both Stirling Court and Willow Court (student accommodation). The promotional code is not valid with any third-party bookings site such as or Expedia.

The link to booking site is:

When booking your room, take note of the following:

  • You should add the following code: 260643 to the ‘Promotion Code’ box on the website (see screenshot below)

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